About DNA Financial & Associates




We are Darryl and Alicia Pryor, your insurance and financial well-being strategists. Our goal is to remove the complexity of financial planning by employing our coaching and mentorship, accountability, and a “let’s get it done” mindset which we gained through our combine 40 years of self-less service as Air Force, DoD civilian and private industry servants.

Our firm DNA Financial & Associates is a holistic 360 insurance and financial service agency serving the metropolitan Washington DC area. Guided by the core values of integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all we do, we at DNA envision a future where our diverse, well-trained, professional, and competent agents inspire trust, confidence, and generational loyalty when it comes to providing financial, insurance, and income tax advice and services to our diverse family of individual and small business clients.

At DNA Financial & Associates, we believe when it comes to effectively managing one’s finances, knowing when, where and what to do can be quite daunting and complex.  It requires a sound knowledge of the latest tax laws and various regulations as well as a well thought out, proven and pragmatic financial planning solution.  We at DNA Financial remove this planning complexity for our clients. 

As a family-owned business vested in the metropolitan District of Columbia area, we aim to transform the financial landscape of communities one individual, one family, one small business at a time by educating, advising, and coaching ordinary people how to achieve financial success through the implementation of sound financial strategies and principles.

  • We are sworn to the Certified Financial Fiduciary (CFF) standard – “The Standard of Excellence” a commitment, which puts the “Good Faith, Care, and Loyalty to Our Client’s Best Interest”
  • We EMPOWER clients by making them better informed and more confident to take control of their financial futures
  • We ENLIGHTEN clients on a wide range of financial services to include income tax preparation/planning, risk mitigation (insurance) and wealth creation (financial) strategies designed to help them plan, build, and preserve wealth for generations.
  • We INSPIRE trust, confidence, and generational loyalty by providing top quality financial advisory service through sound financial planning, coaching, counseling, and stewardship


  • Demonstrating integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all we do
  • Serving the community through leadership and volunteerism
  • Providing the client, a holistic approach to Financial, Insurance and Tax planning
  • Placing client’s needs and interest at the forefront – CFF Standard
  • Know the client needs
  • Service the client needs
  • Routinely review needs to ensure solutions still fit their needs
  • Providing wealth building strategies that are focused on balancing risk and reward as client and their families transition through life stages  


Totally committed to the Certified Financial Fiduciary standard, we believe every person deserves access to sound, informed financial advice.  Regardless of their station in life, situation, tolerance for risk, goals, passions, and struggles (GPS), we are here to coach and assist our clients in meeting today’s need, while preparing for the future.  We work together with our clients to develop a strategy aimed at building wealth through life’s transitions – career or business growth, marriage, parenthood, child’s education, empty nest, and retirement. 

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