Alicia Pryor, CEO

Licensed Insurance and Accredited Tax Professional (ATP) | Notary

Hi! I am Alicia. A retired U.S. Air Force veteran with 22 years of services, I am passionate about adding value to others and committed to improving financial literacy throughout the metropolitan Washington DC area. Motivated by the belief “it’s time to level the playing field so that all have the opportunity for financial success,” I am engaging, educating and empowering others to achieve financial well-being by simplifying financial principles and concepts, which help people understand and apply in common situations, regardless of your age or station in life. Through numerous workshops, seminars, and consultations, my goal is to transform the financial landscape of our local communities one individual, one family at a time by teaching ordinary people how to mitigate life’s risk and achieve financial success through the implementation of sound financial strategies.


Other/Fun Facts:

  • I am a contributing author in my first book, Sisters 4 Sisters Network, Always Sisters, the Power of Sisterhood.
  • I am a John Maxwell certified coach, teacher and speaker, offering workshops, seminars and coaching sessions.
  • I am a tax professional, licensed insurance agent and notary.
  • I have five amazing children (one son and four daughters) and four beautiful grandchildren (two granddaughters and two grandsons)
  • One of my favorite things to do is to travel and experience different cultures—food, dance, etc.
  • I have a crazy sense of humor–was told that my laugh is contagious!
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